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One Cleanroom user team is Unfortunately, their page about it is under construction.

I talked to one of them, the results of using Cleanroom have been beyond expectations.

Michael Deck has a good selection of articles in

I'd love to give it a serious try, but the mailing list has 2 messages a year, so the chances that I'll ever find a team are quite nil.

Mills discouraged code and fix programming by banning unit tests and even compiling from developers. It works under stable environments, but I can't imagine writing browser-independent JavaScript without unit tests. The browsers are buggy and don't even follow standards.


> I'm trying to imagine how to "clean up" legacy code with cleanroom.

Michael -

It's been a few years since I looked into it, but I definitely recall reading an article from a group that took over production support of something (CICS? database?) and used either cleanroom, Z specs, or both.

A quick web search didn't turn up anything definitive, but this article at least sounds related to the topic:

P. A. Hausler, R. C. Linger, and C. J. Trammell. Adopting Cleanroom software engineering with a phased approach. IBM Systems Journal, 33 (1):89-109, 1994.

-- Bill Wake ]

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