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  • gdc cross-compiler is building, have done some minimal testing with console apps and framebuffer app
  • running on a real pandaboard and inside qemu


  • need to compile Phobos
  • need to try OPENGL from gcc
  • need to try OPENGL from gdc
  • Search pages for "TODO" to find remaining tasks


I am trying to get clear instructions on how to create a GDC cross-compiler:

  • the host is Ubuntu 12.04
  • the target is an ARM Cortex-A9


The Pandaboard uses an OMAP4460 which is a Cortex A9 with NEON SMD available. This is according to this site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_Cortex-A9_MPCore


I started with the instructions on these three links:

Found these too:

Instruction Pages

Start here.

  • get clone of some test files and other utilities. Subsequent steps depend on this
 cd ~/projects
 hg clone http://arrizza.org/public-hg/gdc-arm
 cd gdc-arm
 make help
 make dirs
  • dlang - pandaboard testing
    • Test the generated executables on a pandaboard using the serial console
    • Test the framebuffer test application on the pandaboard using HDMI monitor
  • dlang - qemu
    • Test the generated executables in a cortex-A9 qemu
    • Test the framebuffer test application in qemu
  • dlang - opengl UNDER CONSTRUCTION
    • create a simple opengl app in gcc
    • convert to gdc
    • test on a real pandaboard
    • test in qemu

TODO more stuff

  • TODO: run the framebuffer GDC application on the pandaboard using HDMI monitor; works on QEMU now
  • TODO: document how to create and install Ubuntu Core for cortex-a0 on the pandaboard
  • TODO: document how to enable networking
  • TODO: document how to configure tftp server
  • TODO: how to get rid of Pandaboard login
  • TODO: how to get rid of cursor on HDMI screen
  • TODO: how to run a given sample app from pandaboard

Dub & Derelict

dlang - dub fails

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