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This is almost the same as rsync to an sshd, but has slightly different command line syntax.

The overall set up is that we want a back up machine to pull everything off of a local machine and back it up on the backup machine. Each local machine has an rsync daemon on it that the back up machine can pull from. The commands on the backup machine is shown below. The set up on the local machines are shown in How To Rsync

  * Do not use the "-e ssh" option, but the rest of the options stay the same

[ RSoptions='-zvrth --stats --delete --temp-dir=/tmp --exclude-from=backupyourmachine_excludes.txt' ]

  * the syntax for the remote path uses double colons. The "stuff" node comes from /etc/rsyncd.conf. The 'john6' is the name of the machine being backed up.

[ RSremote='john6::stuff/cygdrive/c' RScmd="/usr/bin/rsync $RSoptions" RSroot='/cygdrive/f/backups' RSlocal=$RSroot/john6

  1. invoke it

RScurrdir=c $RScmd $RSremote/$RScurrdir/ $RSlocal/$RScurrdir ]

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