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Cygwin has a bug that prevents large files from being transferred via rysnc and sshd (running on cygwin). rysnc to a non-cygwin Linux server seems to be ok.

The overall set up is that we want a back up machine to pull everything off of a local machine and back it up on the backup machine. Each local machine has an rsync daemon on it that the back up machine can pull from. The command on the backup machine is shown in How To Rsync To Rsyncd.

  * create /etc/rsyncd.conf
  * add these lines (as an example) to give access to a node called 'stuff', which is translated to the root directory:

[ use chroot = false UID=0 GID=0 [stuff]



  * enter: cygrunsrv --install rsync -p /usr/bin/rsync -a --daemon
  * enter: cygrunsrv --start rsync

To use this from the backup machine, see HowToRsyncToRsyncd: [

  1. assume the host running rsyncd is 'myrsyncdhost'
  2. this copies c:/mydirectory on 'myrsyncdhost' to my local drive d:/backups/mydirectory

rsync myrsyncdhost::stuff/cygdrive/c/mydirectory /cygdrive/d/backups/mydirectory ]

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