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Prepare application

There is an example application "interrupt.c" that is provided in u-boot but is not compiled. I'll use that to show how to enable an s-rec application.

  • the interrupts executable needs a define to compile:
 edit u-boot-pi-rpi/examples/standalone/interrupt.c
 add NR_IRQS
 > #define NR_IRQS 65
  • Edit Examples Makefile:
 edit u-boot-pi-rpi/examples/standalone/Makefile
 add the executable to the end of the ELF-y variable
 < ELF-y        := hello_world
 > ELF-y        := hello_world interrupt
  • re-compile

load interrupts.srec

 U-Boot> loads
 ## Ready for S-Record download ...
 ## First Load Addr = 0x0C100000
 ## Last  Load Addr = 0x0C10024E
 ## Total Size      = 0x0000024F = 591 Bytes
 ## Start Addr      = 0x0C100000

run it

 U-Boot> go 0x0c100000 0
 ## Starting application at 0x0C100000 ...
 Installing handler for irq vector 0 and doing busy wait
 Press 'q' to quit
 <press q here>
 Interrupt handler has been uninstalled
 ## Application terminated, rc = 0x0

Your application

  • cp one of the example .c files in the examples/standalone directory that is "closest" to your application
  • follow the steps above (add the executable to the makefile, compile, load and run)
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