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  1. Customers come in with a bunch of Stories already written up.
  2. Developers announce their Velocity from the previous iteration
  3. Customers read the Stories out loud one by one:
    1. Developers ask questions to clarify what the Story means.
      1. Notes are made on the Story card if necessary.
      2. This discussion can suggest a new Story. Write it up immediately.
    2. The Story is verified:
      1. does it fit into an iteration?
      2. is it testable? (possible tests are discussed)
    3. Stories are split if necessary at this time
    4. Spikes are announced at this time
    5. An estimate for the Story is given
    6. Someone keeps track of the total Story Estimates so far.
  4. Customers choose the Stories they want to do for the iteration based on the Story estimates and Velocity. (Developers can take a break if they want)
  5. Developers go through the Stories one by one (Customers can take a break if they want)
    1. break down the Story into Tasks
    2. estimate the Tasks
    3. re-evaluate the Story estimate based on the sum of the Task estimates.
  6. Customers and Developers re-convene.
    1. Any substantial changes to Estimates are reported to the Customers
    2. Stories are laid out and the Customers arrange the Stories in priority order
  7. The planning game is over.

The developers begin work on the Tasks based on Story priority. Tasks are done such that priority is given to completing a Story (versus just completing a task).

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