Misc. Sample Code

This is a set of utilities and other code that I've found on the net or elsewhere. I may have modified the source... or not.

Any web/html output will work with IE6 with all service packs applied. All other browsers, versions, etc. may or may not work. This is especially true for XSLT scripts.

buildstampunder constructionStamp Build information into an .exe or .dll after it's built
cinclunder constructiondump c #include files
killprocunder constructionKills processes, lists modules in the processes
logoffnicelyunder constructionlogoff from windows in as nice a way as possible
testfsmunder constructionshows one technique for creating FSMs in C++
testmsgloopunder constructionInter-process communication using pipes and message loops
wordunder constructionparses a file and finds word associations
otherunder constructionSome other useful utilities

See here for a description of the statuses

Some code was found on the net and modified. I've tried to indicate this as best I can, there may be ommissions and apologies.

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