Ant Taskdefs

This page is deprecated. The taskdefs have moved to sourceforge at:

Currently, there are extra other taskdefs (concatenate, ftpmirror) on this page and so it will remain here for a while longer...

concatenateunder constructionconcatenates multiple files into one destination.
csharpunder constructioncompiles C# solutions
ftpmirrorunder constructionmirrors a local drive onto a web site via FTP.
nunitunder constructionruns an nunit test based on a solution name
regasmunder constructionruns .Net's regasm based on a solution name
vb6under constructioncompiles Visual Basic v.6
vbunitunder constructionruns VBUnit
vc6under constructioncompiles VC++ v.6
vc7under constructioncompiles .NET C++ v.7

See here for a description of the statuses

Some code was found on the net and modified. I've tried to indicate this as best I can, there may be ommissions and apologies.

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