utperl : Unit Test driver for perl using "Reflection"

utperl runs unit tests in perl.

It automatically discovers testcases in the source files by looking for subroutines in the main:: package that start with 'test'

Source files: http://arrizza.org/public-hg/arrizza.org-src/file/tip//ut/utperl


  1. Initial Release


  1. None.


The output from test.pl should look like:
$ ./test.pl 
./test.pl(16): test_equals FAILED:
    actual='undef', expected='true'
./test.pl(17): test_equals FAILED:
    actual='1', expected='0'
./test.pl(18): test_equals FAILED:
    actual='', expected='true'
./test.pl(19): test_equals FAILED:
    actual='undef', expected='0'
./test.pl(20): test_equals FAILED:
    actual='1', expected='undef'
./test.pl(9): test_startswith FAILED:
    actual='abc', expected='b'

number of files  : 0
number of tests  : 2
number of asserts: 10
number of errors : 6

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