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[ > Last year, our XP User Group (XP-Atlanta) did William Wake's Test First > Challenge. It was good fun, and we learned some useful stuff about XP. > We're looking to do some more "drills" like this. What else is out > there? Would anyone care to write another TestFirstChallenge similar to > Mr. Wake's? > > (Yes, I've looked through Mr. Wake's site, C2 and Google). > > David Corbin

I love this idea! A collection would make a great book. Here are some I've done multiple times:

 * Toothpaste graphics
 * Rope simulator (linked list of segments which have to be within N pixels of their neighbors)
 * xUnit
 * Money
 * Collection classes
 * Line wrapping (I still haven't mastered this one)

Kent ] [ I have done the following drills multiple times, with or without a pair. I have used these as for training my students, too.. Apprx. a few dozens of people have tried each one of the following:

* Elevator Simulation (Discreet Event Simulation)
* Vending Machine Simulation (with an interactive interpreter for testing)
* Airport Traffic Optimizer
* Geometric Area Calculator (given boxes and triangles calculate the covered

area by all the shapes)

* Web Bulletin Board
* a few ACM ICPC problems (see also


Working on the same problem over and over again, and seeing different solutions come out each time and the students get enlightment was a great delight! (see also DoItAgainToLearn) ]

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